Denoxtronic: Urea dosing system for SCR systems

In order to restrict vehicle emissions, the emission limits are continuously being reduced worldwide.
In the new emission legislation (e.g. Euro 6, from September 2014) as well as new emission test cycles further reduce these limits.
To comply with the new emission legislation all vehicle classes require active exhaust-gas treatment.

The Denoxtronic injects AdBlue/DEF, a solution of 32.5% urea in water, into the exhaust stream upstream of the SCR catalytic converter.
The urea is then converted via thermolysis and hydrolysis into ammonia. Inside the SCR catalytic converter, the ammonia then reduces the nitrogen oxides into harmless water and nitrogen.

NOx raw emissions of modern diesel engines are 96% lower than those of a typical diesel from 1990.
The SCR system (Selective Catalytic Reduction) with the Denoxtronic Urea Dosing System from Bosch further reduces these raw emissions by up to 95%.

Possible applications: The Denoxtronic has been developed for passenger-car and light-duty-vehicle applications.
Our company is specializes in the regeneration of braking systems for Trucks, Trailers and Bus with a distribution that covers the whole country.

In 2011, due to the future legislation about restriction of vehicle emissions and the rapid increase of the Bosch Denoxtronic modules, we made the decision to extend our remanufactured products to them.
Waiting for the Bosch put on the market the test software for the diagnostics, at the end of 2013, our regeneration program regarding Bosch Denoxtronic modules became active. Our remanufactured Bosch Denoxtronic modules, since we use only Bosch original spare parts, have the same quality as new parts.
This new program allows the customer to save a lot of money with the security and guarantee of perfect operation.